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Fresh News
MOTHER NATURE’S DECISIONS Be prepared for heavy demand for Thanksgiving items. Asparagus supplies are steady but demand has picked up so prices are higher. Broccoli supplies have gotten a bit better but expect some quality issues. We are seeing tight cauliflower supplies but with good quality. Carrots are steady but we’ll see if that trend continues when growing areas shift in a couple weeks. Light supplies of celery, especially small sizes, will continue for the next week or two. Eastern cucumbers are from FL & a bit from GA with good quality. Western cucs are fairly steady from MX but will start to decrease from Southern CA. Eastern green peppers are very light as growing areas move south & rain slows production. New western growing areas will produce better volume just not yet. Iceberg supplies have improved & demand has dropped some but there are some quality issues & weights are on the low side. Romaine continues to be tight & demand is strong. Leaf lettuce supplies are light. Romaine hearts are still tight. Larger size potatoes are more available than smaller which are being used for Thanksgiving in stores. Eastern squash is coming from GA & FL with new areas starting but cool temps has slowed production. There are decent supplies of western squash. Eastern tomatoes will start to improve in a week or so but all varieties are more expensive. Western tomatoes are moving south and there will be shot term gap. Avocados are tight due to a producer strike, gov’t meetings & roadblocks to prevent shipments moving. Yikes! Raspberries are in better supply. Strawberries are tighter but in good shape for a November. Red & green grapes will be in good supply thru December. We will start to see offshore honeydews & cantaloupes by the end of the month with better pricing but up now PRODUCE EXCHANGE TRENDS This section of the Newsletter is designed to give a quick overview of the trends of individual items. “Mother Nature’s Decisions” gives more info on the market & “Pics Worth a Look” will give an approximate up or down % for the week. Tomatoes – Globes are much higher, cherry are higher & grape & Roma are much higher. Potatoes – bakers are steady & red are steady. Lettuces – Iceberg is steady & leaf is up some & Romaine is higher. Romaine hearts are down some. Cauliflower – prices are much higher this week. Broccoli – is steady this week. Grapes – Green & red are steady to a bit lower. Strawberries – prices are higher. Melons – Dews are up a bit & loupes are higher. Lemons– prices are steady this week. Squash – yellow is higher & green is up some. Peppers – green are way higher this week. Onions –yellow are steady with good quality & good storage supplies. Celery – prices are a bit higher this week. Apples- prices are steady this week. Cucumbers – demand is good & growing areas are moving south but prices are down some. Raspberries – Supplies & prices are steady to up some. Carrots – are steady this week. Avocados – are much higher this week. Asparagus – prices are higher this week. An Apple A Day! Did you know that apples make up 6-8 percent of dollar sales in the produce department? The USDA crop estimate is for 272.7 million units vs. 271.6 for 2017. Surprisingly, Gala apples may take over as the most popular apple & Red Delicious will drop to number 2, followed by Fuji, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, Golden Delicious, and McIntosh. And as far as storage advancements go, innovations in dynamic control atmosphere storage are keeping apples fresh and crisp long after harvest. So you can market apples all year long.